Oct 11, 2020

October Holiday: Book, Movie and Ballet Concert

October is the best traveling season, with beautiful views and pleasant weather. Just back from a week long holiday in the start of October, a much needed break. I had the chance to do a quiet reading, watch movies, and have a walk in the nature. 

I read a book called the serendipity mindset by Dr. Christian Busch, watched several movies including Still Alice, a touching story about the experience of alzheimer's disease, and a few ballet concerts recordings, including the Nutcracker and Don Quixote.

Immersing into human creations such as books, movies and ballet has given me inspirations from the storytelling combined with art.

Research shows that art enhances people’s understanding of morality and aesthetics, boosts faith in beauty, bravery and kindness.

What do you find refreshing to recharge yourself during a break? Comment below or let me know by tagging me in social media @ajingyan