Mar 17, 2014

Quick Note: Morgan McKinley Talent Report - Insurance job market in China - Jan to Jun 2014

Here's a glimpse at Morgan Mckinley's latest Talent Report of insurance job market for the period of January to June, 2014.

A list of interesting points in the report are as follows:

No.1: Insurance Industry will continue its growth in China 

Especially in life products. "The rising middle classes...professionals, managers...technicians(PMETs) will create a higher demand for comprehensive and international life and medical insurance products"

No.2: For candidates, hands-on experience is the new Must-Have in resume. 

And be prepared to talk about specific projects at interviews. 

Biggest hiring trend lies in sales, marketing and distribution, followed by risk and actuarial functions and operations. In particular, on the technical side, insurance specialists with e-commerce and digital marketing experience are also sought after.

No.3: The report also highlights ability of expanding network of contacts

As it will help bring candidates valuable learning experience. 

For HK region, positions in compliance, risk, strategy, distribution and internal audit are in greatest demand, while some finance roles may face decrease. New trend and job opportunities lie in positions such as senior managers who will be saddled to forge expansions into overseas markets across South Asia. For these positions, candidate's background with overseas education and global experience is definitely an asset.

You can view the full report here.