Sep 17, 2012

Career Whereabouts and Information Source

By Jing Yan

When you are looking for jobs in China, you need to look at the right source of information. There are abundant information on the Internet, and it is much easier to find job opportunities through search engines, job listing, and social media websites. However, it is important to sort out the best information source, especially the ones with higher response rates. The best source of job information can save you time and money.

Here's a list of most used sources for job search in China:

1. Local job listing websites:

There're many local job listing websites, among them:, are often used by job searchers in China. They also have English versions and job listings for all kinds of industry and positions. But the drawbacks are some information is out of date, or posted by indirect recruiters/HRs, so you need to look for the newest job listings. On the other side, global job listing websites have been going through bumpy performance this year, thus many listing ads have altered their original function but pure advertising stunt.

2. Search engines:

One good search engines specially for jobs are: You can also use Google, Bing, Yahoo to search jobs directly, but you need to weedle through advertising and promotional links, and go find job information listed directly from company websites.

3. Social networking websites:

The most famous social networking websites for professionals is, you can find many jobs listed on Linkedin, which conveniently showcase the links within your connections. Almost every recruiter has a Linkedin account, you can also contact them through LinkedIn. is a similar social networking website in China, with more Chinese recruiters and professionals.

4. Local job event:

Each China city has job fairs for graduates as well as professionals, you can often find them through search engines. There're also career networking events, often held by event companies, or recruiters directly. Good ones are: Expat job fairs, networking events hosted by various organizers, recruiters like Michael Page, Robert Walters, Antal, etc all host their own events, but you need to go check on their websites and send your resumes first.