Sep 17, 2012

Career Whereabouts and Information Source

By Jing Yan

When you are looking for jobs in China, you need to look at the right source of information. There are abundant information on the Internet, and it is much easier to find job opportunities through search engines, job listing, and social media websites. However, it is important to sort out the best information source, especially the ones with higher response rates. The best source of job information can save you time and money.

Sep 7, 2012

China's Economic Transformation and Business Outlook

By Jing Yan

To find top business opportunities in China, you need to know what kind of economy China is really going through.  As China is having big manufacturing capacities, and a relatively weak service sector, the economic phase is likely between industrial and post industrial.  In many ways, China economy can give each aspiring business entrepreneur a time rewind of nearly 30 years, compared with global business frontlines.

Sep 4, 2012

Professor jobs thrive in China

By Jing Yan

Professor jobs thrive in China, as Chinese universities highly value the professors from US, UK, France and many other leading European academies in order to increase their competitive edge. Newly enrolled college students in China this year have reached around 6.8mn, but the number of 4-year universities is only 841.