Aug 31, 2012

Communication skills are crucial to clinching banking or any jobs in China

By Jing Yan

China banking asset scales increased 18.9% and revenue up 39% by 2011. The total revenue of China banks account for 29% of global banking industry. Foreign banks in China are also gearing up their capital pools and branch numbers. There are plenty of banking jobs in China, and in-house HRs and recruiters are getting busy interviewing and hiring towards the last several months of the year.

plenty of banking jobs in China
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Job Interview

The hottest openings are focused on strategic recruitment and branch-rollout recruitment, mostly in distribution and branch management,” says Lucy Wang, one recruitment manager.

Candidates should sharpen their communication skills in a bid to get better jobs, says Wang. “They should clarify their career goal and what they have done to achieve the target. Self awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses is very important.”

It is a common candidate complaint that recruiters and HR don’t provide proper post-interview feedback, however, says Wang, job seekers can always proactively request it. “An email followed by a phone call with thanks is preferred.”

“It is a common candidate complaint that recruiters and HR don’t provide proper post-interview feedback”

One financial-sector HR professional, suggests that candidates should only deal with recruiters who are specialists in their job function. It is equally important for candidates to agree in advance with recruiters about how many times they should call them per week for updates.

Regardless of the result of the interview, candidates should remain confident and be aware of any communication-related mistakes they have made, so that they can perform better next time.

Is there anything candidates and recruiters can do to help the job search and interview process run more smoothly? From the recruiters’ side, “they can use some tracking tools to control the whole recruitment process, to make sure every case is completed with interviewer comments,” says one HR person.

And as for candidates, punctuality, preparation, integrity and providing practical examples to back up each talking point are vital to interview success, adds Wang.