Jan 12, 2012

Five simple things you can do over Chinese New Year to strengthen your job search in China

By Jing Yan

Chinese New Year is approaching, and after that a new recruitment season usually begins in China. The period around the holiday of CNY is an ideal time to prepare yourself for job searching after the festive holiday. Here are some tips about using your time off work to improve your chances of success.

Chinese New Year Parade at NYC
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Chinese New Year Parade at NYC

1) Career planning

Any job change needs to be well thought out, and this requires strategic planning. Good planning can subdue many risks and problems from the beginning, especially if you are going to a management position or changing industries.

2) Industry research

Research can’t be neglected in this information-rich era, but it can easily consume hours of work, so efficiency and clear goals can help you achieve better outcomes. Candidates should use some of their free time over CNY to check the financial results of employers they are interested in working for. They should also read any news about these firms, as well as finding out about company cultures and management teams. Amid such economic and market uncertainties, it is even more crucial that you should know earlier on what is happening in your company.

“Candidates should use some of their free time to check the financial results of employers they are interested in working for.”

3) CV upgrading

You should add in any new experiences and performance figures into your CV. Once you’ve researched the business objectives of potential employers, consider from their point of view how they would value your CV and adapt it accordingly.

4) Meet recruiters

Arrange face-to-face meetings with recruiters before and just after CNY. A good recruiter can not only provide news about open positions, but can also help with your career strategy by analysing your strengths and cultural fit to the potential employers.

5) Think about the timing

Timing is important. For example, never wait until you get a new job offer to research how you might leave your current firm. Check your employment contract and see if there is a clause regarding resignation. This will help you prepare in advance. If the immediate post-CNY period is a busy time for your company, you will probably find it difficult to leave. And many firms are postponing their bonuses until after CNY to aid retention.