Sep 2, 2010

Banks in China need more technical professionals

Banking IT professionals are in demand in China, but firms have high standards about the type of people they want to take on. Standard Chartered is, for example, hiring for roles including CSS technical managers and senior technical analysts.

These jobs require not only a solid technical background, but also project management skills and an understanding of the bank’s business. Candidates must be able to provide solutions that can benefit Stand Chart’s operations and mitigate risks, according to the bank.

“Banks have the most complicated IT systems. Therefore, the IT roles in banks require higher technical skills and at the same time offer competitive salaries,” says Eddie Xi, senior consultant, IT division, Robert Walters Shanghai.

He adds: “Working in the IT banking area is normally considered to be a good career path for those IT professionals who are really into technology and are looking for more challenges.”

System-development jobs such as senior C++, C# and Java developers are the most in demand, adds Xi.
“IT roles are very important for banks to make financial data transaction more efficient. Bank of China and China Construction Bank are the largest hirers of IT professionals,” says an IT employee of a domestic bank, who asked not to be named.

Developing the skills (including non-IT business skills) of future IT leaders remains a priority for many banks in China as they attempt to make technology more customer focused.