Jul 6, 2010

Interview with JP Morgan Vice President of Investment-banking Brad Brenner on expanding headcount in China

JP Morgan has historically been an aggressive hirer of Chinese bankers and this trend of talent localisation is set to continue.....

According to Brad Brenner, the firm’s vice president of investment-banking experienced and executive recruiting. We ask him a few questions below.

ECB: Does JP Morgan plan to expand its headcount in China?

BB: The most exciting developments in the global financial markets are happening here, and China is definitely an important location for growth. In order to support the priorities and growth plan in China, we continue to identify top candidates who have Chinese experience, relationships, and expertise to operate within the market. We foresee that our interest in finding individuals who have such experience will grow over the next few years.

ECB: What type of candidates are you seeking?

BB: It’s not going to be just individuals coming in from other parts of the world to work on business here. We value the type of on-the-ground, mainland Chinese bankers who know the environment. To succeed in Asia, it is important to know the environment, to have a good understanding of the governmental requirements and to champion the nuances of the business-to-business relationships.

ECB: How is JP Morgan placed in the war for talent in China?

BB: Sophisticated platforms and product lines which cater to the needs of different types of clients are key attractions for bankers. But it’s also important to offer people a combination of both local and global expertise in which they can grow their careers. We believe that our local presence, deep market knowledge and close working relationships have all helped JP Morgan to achieve swift and sustainable growth in the region. We have the breadth and depth of expertise spanning the globe, which helps us anticipate client needs and keep us ahead of the competition.